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2015W - PhD Research Colloquium: Advanced methods in STEM education research

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Markus HohenwarterZsolt Lavicza, Fri, 8:30 - 12:00, Altenbergerstr 54, every two weeks starting October 2nd, KUSSS


Theory, Methodology and Design in STeM Education Research 

Design-based research 
Grounded Theory 
Documentary Analysis 
Digital resources for education research
Exploring Understanding Through Talk 
Advanced survey designs
Quantiative analysis: advanced data preparation, missing values and estimates
Quantitative analysis: Inferential statistics
Quantiative analysis: significance testing and comparative analyses
Quantiative analysis: Regression analysis
Quantiative analysis: Factor Analyses
Quantiative analysis: Structual Eduation Modelling
Qualitative analysis: advanced methods in coding interviews and observations
Mixed methods analysis
Writing publications in research journals


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