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2020S-Research Methods 2: Introduction to data collection, analysis, reporting in STEM  Ed research

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Course Description


In the second part of the course we will concentrate on empirical data collection and data analyses. We will cover practical issues of questionnaire, interview, observation designs and their deliveries as well as various methods for analysing collected data. The course will also provide support for academic writing and finalising theses or scientific publications. Sessions will be held on Thursdays at 13:45 - 15:15 for  Bachelor/Masters/PhD students and 15:30-17:00 mainly for PhD students, but open for anyone to attend. In addition, individual appointments with Zsolt Lavicza will be available on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings [appointment sign-up here]. On Friday mornings following the Thursday sessions, we will have additional meetings at 9:00-12:00 in Altenberger Str. 54 to discuss further topics and advanced educational research methods. Everyone participating in the Thursday sessions are welcome to attend the Friday sessions as well. Students away from Linz can participate in the session on https://whereby.com/jku-stem. It might be possible that alternative links in Zoom will be set up.


If you need credits for this course, please sign up for them on KUSSS.


List of Sessions 


Thursdays 13:45-15:15 Bachelor/Masters/PhD - S2 044 - There are some exceptions, but it will appear here.
Thursdays 15:30-17:00 PhD, open to everyone - S2 044
Fridays 8:30-11:45 PhD, open to everyone - Altenberger st. 54 - meeting room


  • 12-13 March
  • 19-20 March
  • 2-3 April
  • 16-17 April 
  • 7-8 May - optional
  • 14-15 May - Methodological Innovations in STEAM Education Conference - https://www.geogebra.org/m/ys3nytxk
  • 28-29 May
  • 4-5 June
  • 18-19 June - Guest lecturer
  •  25 June - PhD in Education: Disskolliquium Presentations - S2 059 
  • 2-3 July - Optional



Planned topics


  • Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research
  • Data and sources: Interviews
  • Data sources: Observations
  • Data sources: Survey research
  • Qualitative data analyses
  • Quantitative data analyses
  • Arguing and structuring theses and papers


Online participation and streaming


https://whereby.com/jku-stem It might be possible that alternative links in Zoom will be set up.



Further Information


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