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March 2015: STEM Education Research Seminar

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When? March 5 and 6, 09:00-17:00

Where? JKU Linz, Uni-Center (above Mensa), SZ4 (Sitzungszimmer 4)

PH-Online Anmeldung (optional)


*** Message from Zsolt Lavicza ***


Dear All,


The next Educational Research session (MINT Didactics) will be held on 5-6 March.


Two weeks ago, I met some students in Linz and discussed what would be helpful for the upcoming session. It became clear that most of you already have some ideas, data and results and it would be good to write up them for conference proposals or journal publications and make some preparation for thesis writing. We agreed that in the next session we will mostly work on writing publications, theses, arguments etc. I hope that at the end of the session each of you will have a plan about writing some texts for publications or other purposes. In addition, we will discuss emergent/urgent needs for your immediate work (For example, there was a question about specific statistical methods that we could review next time).

I hope to run the session in a workshop style. I suggest that we should do the following to prepare for the session next week.

1) Please read following papers:

Wyse, D. (2007/2012). The good writing guide for education students. 2nd or 3rd ed. London: Sage. Chapter 6: Structuring your writing.

Wallace, M. and Poulson, L. (2004) Critical reading for self-critical writing, in L. Poulson & M. Wallace (Eds) Learning to Read Critically in Teaching and Learning (pp. 3-36) (London: Sage).

2) Prepare a 5-10 min presentation about the progress of your research. It can be ideas, design, data, analysis etc. for which you are seeking feedback.

3) If you have any requests what topics you would like to discuss during the session or any kind of writing/publications please send them to me by Tuesday evening next week.

I hope that this session will be useful for your immediate work. Let me know if you have any questions.

Look forward to meeting you next week.

Kind regards



February 26, 2015



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