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April 2015: STEM Education Research Seminar

Page history last edited by Manuela Hinterberger 9 years ago

When? April 9 and 10, 09:00-17:00

Where? JKU Linz, Uni-Center (above Mensa), SZ4 (Sitzungszimmer 4)

Anmeldung: https://doodle.com/4kpr2hcp82bsutxc 


*** Message from Zsolt Lavicza ***


Dear Participants,


I look forward to meeting you in Linz on Thursday and Friday next week. The topic of the previous session was writing publications from your research. We will continue this topic in the beginning of the next session, as there are some of you who have questions in this topic and prepared some writing for publications. However, in the sessions next week, I aim to discuss topics in mathematics education particularly teaching geometry, using technology and the various factors influencing mathematics teaching and learning. You can find three papers in the attachment for preliminary readings on these topics:



Clements, D. H. (2003). Teaching and learning geometry. In J. Kilpatrick, W. G. Martin, and D. Schifter (Eds.), A research companion to Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (pp. 151–178). Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.



Ruthven, K., Deaney, R., & Hennessy, S. (2009). Using graphing software to teach about algebraic forms: A study of technology-supported practice in secondary-school mathematics. Educational Studies in Mathematics 71(3), 279-297



Barkatsas, T. & Malone, J. (2005). A typology of mathematics teachers’ beliefs about teaching and learning mathematics and instructional practices. Mathematics Education Research Journal, 17(2), 69-90.


In addition, please prepare an update of your progress in research to present to others (max 10min presentation) and we can give you further feedback.


Besides reviewing topics in mathematics education, we will discuss issues on research methodologies and methods.


If you have a paper that you need to discuss please send it to me by Tuesday evening so that I can read before the session on Thursday.


See you next week!


Kind regards


March 31, 2015


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